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تعداد رای ها:

Technical specification

• Thickness of exterior walls are standard
• Double seal
• 2,5mm wall thickness
  (EN 12608, DIN EN12608,BS EN 12608, RAL GZ 716/1)
• Deviated water drainage channel
• Perfect temperature and sound isolation
  4-6mm single 20,24,30,32 mm double glazing applications
• No need for paint and service stay sound for years
• Mosquito screen applicable.
• Coextruded or laminated color range
• Different sash opening options Glass bead
  Cut at 45
• Smooth & bright profile surface
• Possibility of producing with or without seal
• Its quality is accredited by international certificate
• Rich choice of auxiliary profiles
• Withstanding all climate conditions
• Aesthetic look

Laminated Colors

Dark Oak
Golden Oak
Light Oak
Red Lam.